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The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

    A Columbus, Ohio resident has experienced a metamorphosis in his life this week.
    Ted Williams, a veteran of the United States Army and a father to nine, has gone from homeless, unknown and unemployed, to famous, with many job offers from companies like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and a full-time position as an anouncer for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Ohio basketball team has now offered him a free house.
    Williams has admitted to being a user of cocaine, crack and alcohol  since 1993, but says he has been clean since 2008.
    He came to be an overnight sensation when a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch recorded him holding a sign at the Hudson Street offramp of Interstate 71.  He has an amazing, deep and strong announcing voice, as well as a humble disposition.  At the debut of this new year, a man has been given a second chance at life.

See the golden voice in action on the Dispatch's website.

Ted Williams in an interview on CBS